Benefits of Cloud Computing
May 1

The present globalized ecosystem not only provides greater job opportunities but also increased competition that requires something extra from the techies. In the recession, when jobs are sparse and witnessing cuts altogether, there are certain IT skills that will never go out of style.

The Indian techies are always in demand, thanks to our various premier institutes, which provide world class education facilities and experienced faculty members, therefore attracts global MNCs to the Indian shores. Meanwhile, with the global recession setting in, hiring went off the agenda of most organizations.

But, due to some stability in the economic conditions and surge in demands, various firms are now starting their recruitment drive. Here, the feature discusses the hot IT skills for 2010 that will be in hot demand reported by a leading firm.

Java and .Net

In the current list, the evergreen fields called Java and .Net would lead the list for 2010. Tech workers specialized in the said field can adopt Web development or the enterprise-class applications.

With a natural progression towards Web-based applications, organizations have been demanding IT professionals who can keep them with the fast-moving Web 2.0 world. As the IT skills are required on both, Web and enterprise levels, these areas can expect to remain in demand. Also, they can further add technologies like Sliverlight, AJAX, WPF to their portfolio.

Cloud Computing

Cloud computing is fast becoming mainstream all over the world and offers on-demand utilization of a shared, infinite amount of compute resources via the Internet and tech giants like Amazon, Google, Microsoft, are betting big on cloud computing. It is reported that the revenues from cloud services will pass $56.3 billion this year to reach $150 billion by 2013 globally. Hence, a carrier around cloud computing is surely a good bet.

According to research analyst and consulting company, IT services providers are abiding to invest in cloud computing offerings at an impressive pace. Further, solutions like CRM, ERP too are being hosted on Cloud platform, which increases the importance of the technology in 2010.

Rich Internet applications (RIAs)

RIAs are web applications that have most of the characteristics of desktop applications and offer improved UI and increased interactivity. RIAs are delivered via browser plug-in or virtually.  Examples of RIA platforms include Adobe Flash, Java/JavaFX, Mozilla's XUL, Microsoft Silverlight, etc.

Today, various companies are doing more than just building their brands and websites. They are now adopting social media sites such as Twitter and Facebook, where you can find such household names as Ford and AT&T. Hence, knowledge of RIA would be boost for the techies in the coming year.

Mobile development

In the last quarter, Gartner said that Smartphone sales had surpassed 41 million units, a 12.8 percent increase compared to the same period last year. Therefore, the mobile sector has also created a new career avenue for techies. Enterprises today want apps like CRM, BI to be made available to their employees on these handheld devices. Various operating systems like Symbian, Windows and other frameworks for mobile can provide further boost to the career development in the area.

Embedded technologies

Today, embedded technologies are present in every gadget. Enterprises want one solution for various requirements, hence creating demand for both software and hardware professionals.

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